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    /slideshows/homeMedium/copy%20of%20Don.gif Our Lady of Fatima in the March for Life 2015 Donald Kirkwood (left) Saint Lawrence of Brindisi Fraternity
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    /slideshows/homeMedium/PatDMCB.gif Apostolate - Jesus the Divine Mercy Foundation Franciscan Pat Polachek with Father Leo Patalinghug /jesus-the-divine-mercy-foundation _parent
    /slideshows/homeMedium/Robert.gif Apostolate - Franciscan wood worker Out-of-the-Woods by Robert Kruszewski /apostolate-wood-working _parent
    /slideshows/homeMedium/3Doors.jpg An Apostolate for all Fraternities You just need to schedule a date /the-red-door _parent
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    /slideshows/homeMedium/FFLDavid.gif Franciscan for Life Dave Sawczak (left) Saint Augustine Fraternity
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    /slideshows/homeMedium/Reddoor.gif Cluster Fraternities at work - St. Augustine & Stigmata Sharon & Clyde Fritzley and Denise McCarthy feed the needy at Pittsburgh's Red Door /the-red-door _parent
    /slideshows/homeMedium/Bread.jpg Assembling the bread baskets Marge Bruno and Robert Kruszewski
    /slideshows/homeMedium/ChickenSoup.jpg Making the Chicken Soup Denise McCarthy and Ann Restaine
    /slideshows/homeMedium/Stephen.jpg Distribution Stephen Critchlow
    /slideshows/homeMedium/Sandwichs.jpg Sandwich Making Charlene Briggs (left)
    /slideshows/homeMedium/Francis646x325.jpg The Rule of St. Francis _blank
    /slideshows/homeMedium/Map646x3253.jpg Lady Poverty Region Serving Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and parts of Ohio and Maryland /about-the-lady-poverty-region _parent
    /slideshows/homeMedium/prolife.jpg Calling all Franciscans for Life If you attended the March for Life 2015 - send us your photos /contact-us _parent
  • Minister General OFS

    The day of joy drew near, the time of exultation approached. … Simplicity is honored there, poverty is exalted, humility is commended ... and the whole night echoes with jubilation.” 

    My dear Sisters and Brothers!
    The day of joy drew near. There are only a few days left to Christmas, a feast so dear for Saint Francis as well, when the celebrated is the same one who offers us the gift, and gives the greatest gift forever. It is the time of exultation for us.
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